Ole Man River Half

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New Orleans,LA,

Member Since:

Dec 12, 2007



Goal Type:

Olympic Trials Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

800m - 2:02.4h (2014)

1500m - 3:59.9h (2014)

3k (indoor) - 8:45.79 (2009)

5k - 14:53.45 (Portland Track Festival 2014)

8k XC - 25:09.86 (Sundodger 2011)

10k XC - 31:31 (WWU Invite 2011)

Short-Term Running Goals:

1) Get back to racing weight

2) Survive the summer

3) 1:08 half

Long-Term Running Goals:

<1:05 Half marathon


<2:19 Marathon


Married, working, training. While my wife has nixed all future attempts to grow glorious mustaches, she has been supportive of my crazy running dreams. Life is good.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 35.61 Month: 136.61 Year: 136.61
NB 1400 Lifetime Miles: 352.00
Mizuno Ekiden Lifetime Miles: 135.20
Launch 3 (black) Lifetime Miles: 591.50
Ride 9 Lifetime Miles: 561.00
Lunaracer 3 Lifetime Miles: 297.90
Launch 3 (Red) Lifetime Miles: 156.00
Triumph 3 Lifetime Miles: 124.00
Streak 6 Lifetime Miles: 55.10
Race: Ole Man River Half (13.109 Miles) 01:12:26, Place overall: 2
Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

I was really on the fence about doing this one because I've been sick this week. But I woke up this morning with clear sinuses and a sore throat and decided that was good enough to give it a go. I really wanted to get a half in before Houston. It's been a few years since my first and only half. Plus this course spends 7 miles on my levee, so I felt a little ownership over the course.

I expected the Local Hero (LH) to be there and had a loose game plan to hang with him the first half, practice running the last 6 miles at goal race pace, and see if that was good enough to win. Thought that would make it 5:30/5:20 first half to second. Goal 1 was to beat LH, Goal 2 was to get 6-7 miles at goal HM pace.

That sort of went out the window at the start as it was fairly windy (~10 mph avg) and Kevin Castille showed up. LH went with Kevin at the beginning, so I hung back a little at my own pace. I flipped my Garmin to show current pace since I'd be running in no man's land and needed to keep the gap manageable to LH. I was a quarter mile in and the pace read 4:50. Yikes. I eased off the gas and reached 1 mile in 5:16.

The way the course was laid, we'd run the first 4 miles with the wind, then 6 against and the final 3 with again. I felt good at 5:20 pace and kept the intensity right around there. 5:19, 5:16, and 5:20 for miles 2-4. I felt really good, and I thought I could maintain that pace for a good while.

I caught LH around Mile 4 and he didn't like me drafting on him. We had just turned into the wind and he hit the brakes. I slowed way down, but he out-braked me and I ended up in front. We sort of started this cat-and-mouse game for the next couple miles. I accepted it and ran 6:00 pace happy for the chance to rest. He'd surge past every once in awhile before dropping back again. I surged a couple times to see if he'd hang, but then I'd slow back to 6:00 pace. 5:44 and 5:45 for miles 5-6.

I figured I'd make a big move at mile 7, try to drop him at some point into the wind, and then grind out the last 3 with the wind. But at around 6.5 we made a pass near the starting line and the wind eased up for a moment. I sped up a little and heard him drop back. Interesting. I sped up some more and soon I couldn't hear his footsteps. I decided that would do and I'd keep my foot on the gas from there.

Miles 7 through 10 were hard work. The wind hurt. I went 5:27, 5:32, 5:29, reached the turnaround during mile 9 and looked back for the first time. He was nowhere in sight. Mile 10 in 5:33, and he was a minute or two behind. 

With Goal #1 & #2 complete I had a hard time keeping my foot on the gas for the final few miles. My breathing had become wheezy. I felt like I might be able to hit low-5:20s if I had to, but I was totally fine easing up and not pushing my sick body harder than necessary. 5:28, 5:38, 5:43 and the final 0.1 in 5:21 pace.

2nd place was still in the money, so that was nice. It hardly covered the entry fee, but that's okay. I'm excited for Houston, and I'm glad I showed up for this one to help me know what to expect. I'd forgotten how hard those last few miles can be, and I think hitting 5:20s on the last 3 would have been really killer today.

Lunaracer 3 Miles: 20.30
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00
From jtshad on Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 07:28:28 from

Congrats on a strong race and getting your goals. Kevin is one tough old guy!

From Tyler on Mon, Dec 18, 2017 at 19:13:00 from

Kevin's incredible. Maybe by the time he's 50 I'll catch up to him.

From Jason D on Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 20:47:57 from

Nice race, Tyler. Hopefully you have better conditions for Houston (less wind, drier air).

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