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October 19, 2018

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New Orleans,LA,

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Dec 12, 2007



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Olympic Trials Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

800m - 2:02.4h (2014)

1500m - 3:59.9h (2014)

3k (indoor) - 8:45.79 (2009)

5k - 14:53.45 (Portland Track Festival 2014)

8k XC - 25:09.86 (Sundodger 2011)

10k XC - 31:31 (WWU Invite 2011)

HM - 1:10:19 (Houston 2018)

Marathon - 2:29:15 (Kentucky Derby 2018)

Short-Term Running Goals:

1) sub-2:25 at Houston Marathon 2019

2) 1:08 half

Long-Term Running Goals:

Olympic Trials Qualifier


Married, working, training. While my wife has nixed all future attempts to grow glorious mustaches, she has been supportive of my crazy running dreams. Life is good.

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I ran a new PR for 4 miles today (21:58).... I love tempo runs. I went out on the river trail and wanted to run 5:30 pace to see how it felt. The weather is perfect today, about 43 degrees and overcast, so after 2.5 mile warmup and a couple strides I got right into it.

The first mile was pretty uneventful, I started on top of the final bridge before Utah Lake, I think it's about 4 miles out from the lake. Anyway, I went through the mile in 5:30 on the nose, feeling good. 4 miles still seems like a long ways to me for a tempo run. I get nervous that I'm going too fast or that I'll burn out before the end, so today I was just trying to relax and enjoy my first full tempo outdoors.

The second mile seemed to come quickly, 5:28 (10:58) and still feeling good, I did my 180 and headed back the way I came. The first two miles must be slightly downhill, because it was harder to hit the times on the way back. The third mile came and went in 5:34 (16:32), and I was still feeling alright. Getting tired, but still good.

I think I need to be getting more sleep, because the fourth mile was a challenge, and it shouldn't have been. The first half was okay, 2:45 kept me on pace, but the last half made me tired. I'm still tired. I really, really wanted to get under 22:00, so I tried to pick it up a little without going crazy. Another 82sec. quarter kept me at 5:30 pace and just over 22:00 pace, so I pushed in the final quarter at 76 to barely break the 22:00 mark in 21:58. I had the weirdest sensation in my arms that last half, like I was waving around giant balloons instead of arms. Kind of a cool feeling. I felt lightheaded the last 200m... I'm pretty sure sleep is the issue here.

Anyway, the overall pace was probably a little under threshold pace, but it give me a lot of confidence all the same.

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00
From adam on Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 17:33:30

your right about that run. That first section is slightly downhill and the way back you described is gradual uphill and works you because of the tunnels. I usually lose about 5 seconds on the quater from the firestation to past maceys no matter what pace I'm running, but after that to the bridge it's back to normal. If it was all flat you probably would have taken off another 8-10 seconds...but where's the fun in that?

From Nick on Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 21:22:21

Nice man!!! That is some solid pace you were hitting! Good job!

From Tyler on Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 08:17:06

Sorry, I wasn't very clear on where I started. It was on top of the bridge on Geneva Rd heading towards the lake, so it was a little smoother than the stretch with all the tunnels.

From Sasha Pachev on Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 15:19:38

The natural difference between the first and the last mile would be around 8 seconds. I've done mile repeats alternating directions almost on that mile, with the exception that I started 200 meters into it, and noticed a steady 7 second difference between directions. Add one more because there is a slight elevation drop in the first 200 meters of your first mile. Your second mile was comparable to your third in terms of topography except for the first/last 200 meters of it. However you have to realize that a 180 costs you about 3 seconds. So your pace from second to third was essentially even.

From Tyler on Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 22:49:15

So on level ground, my last mile would have been around 5:19 - 5:20? That's the effort level it felt like, anyway.

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